cjohnson Position:  Professor
Office:  P-135
Office Phone:  (619) 594-1284
Email:  cjohnson@mail.sdsu.edu


Research Interests:

My research is in computational quantum mechanics of many-body systems. Most of the work is on atomic nuclei, although we also do work on the electronic structure of atoms, atoms in plasmas, cold atoms in a trap, and neutrino astrophysics.

Much of our work involves high performance computing at national labs and national super-computing facilities, and many of my students do part of their research at national labs; several have gone on to permanent positions at national labs.

Current Students:
  • Stephanie Lauber, Ph.D.
  • Jordan Fox, Ph.D.
  • Ryan Zbikowski, Ph.D.
  • Oliver Gorton, Ph.D
  • Raul Herrera, Ph.D (UCSD).
  • Ken Luu, B.S.
Recent Grants:

2015-2019:  DOE Grant:  “Nuclear Structure and Transitions,” $285,000

2016-2021: DOE Topical Grant via UNC: “Nuclear Structure for Neutrinoless Double-beta decay,” $110,000

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