fweber2 Position:  Professor

Office:  P-142
Office Phone:  (619)-594-0239
Office Fax:  (619) 594-5485
Email:  fweber@mail.sdsu.edu

Associate Chair & Graduate Advisor


Research Interests:

The major goal of my research is to explore the properties of ultra-dense (10 to 20 times denser than atomic nuclei) and ultra-hot (100 billion Kelvin) matter, as it exists in the cores of neutron stars and is produced in ultra-relativistic particle collision experiments.

At such extraordinary densities atoms themselves collapse, and atomic nuclei are squeezed so tightly together that novel states of matter are formed. These include exotic condensates of elementary particles and the possible formation of a plasma composed of the most fundamental building blocks of matter-the quarks.

Current Students:
  • Gentry Marks, B.S. Physics
  • Alexis Romero, B.S. Physics
  • Adrien Atallah, M.S. Physics
  • Richard Mellinger, M.S. Physics
  • Joe Hellmers, M.S. Computational Science
  • William Spinella, Ph.D., Computational Science
  • Omair Zubairi, Ph.D., Computational Science
Postdoctoral Fellows:
  • Dr. Milva Orsaria
Recent Grants:

NSF grant for “Astrophysical Studies of Quark Deconfinement”

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