Kenneth Nollett headshot Positon: Assistant Professor 

Office:  P-137
Office Phone:  (619) 594-5146
Office Fax:  (619) 594-5484

Research Interests:

My research is in theoretical and computational physics, spanning the
interface between nuclear physics and astrophysics. My main interest
is in the nuclear history of matter from the start of the big bang to
the present day, as probed in measurements of terrestrial matter,
meteorites, and stars.

Accurate models of the extremely hot environments inside stars and in
the early Universe require accurate knowledge of what happens when
atomic nuclei collide. The recent advent of accurate ab initio
nuclear models, which treat nuclei as collections of
accurately-represented neutrons and protons, offers an opportunity for
better calculations of nuclear properties. It also provides new
opportunities to improve our knowledge of nuclear forces and of the
computational methods needed to deal with them. These problems are
very interesting in their own right, even ignoring the astrophysical

I am new to SDSU as of Fall 2015 and currently seeking students. Most
student projects with me will involve further development of quantum
Monte Carlo methods for nuclear calculations, focusing mainly on light
nuclei (lighter than 12C) and on the scattering and
reactions of nuclei. I also have some projects in mind involving
nucleosynthesis in stars and in the big bang.

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