lkuznetsova Position:  Associate Professor

Office:  P-141
Office Phone:  (619) 594-6164
Office Fax:  (619) 594-5485

Research Interests:

I am a physicist specializing in nanophotonics, ultrafast lasers, and cavity quantum electrodynamics. My areas of expertise include high energy short-pulse generation in fiber laser systems, mode-locking in quantum cascade lasers, blue LEDs, microcavities, and metamaterials. I am currently investigating quantum electrodynamics effects in GaN-based lasers and silicon microcavities. Research in my lab focuses on the different ways of controlling light on the subwavelength scale via modifying the photonic environment. Projects include ultrafast nanocavity LEDs for visible light communications, emerging metamaterials for light control, and microcavity-based optical sensors for bio-medical applications.

Recent Grant:

President’s Leadership Fund Award (SDSU) “Microfabrication of silicon microcavities for ultrasensitive noninvasive nanoparticles detection ”

Current Students:
  • Carla Bacco (MS student, Physics)
  • Priscilla Kelly (MS student, Computational Science)
  • Daniel White (undergraduate, EE )
  • Grace Cordes (undergraduate, Physics)

Research Page