mtorikachvili Position:  Professor

Office:  P-231
Office Phone:  (619) 594-6274


Research Interests:

Professor Torikachvili’s research is in experimental condensed matter physics, and his interest is the study of novel superconducting and magnetic materials. This study consists in searching for new materials and studying their structural, electronic, magnetic, and thermal properties.

The materials investigated include magnetic superconductors, valence fluctuation, heavy fermion, and high temperature superconducting oxide compounds. His laboratory is equipped for the synthesis of single crystals using flux growth techniques, and studying them under extreme conditions of temperature (0.35 – 400 K), pressure (0 – 10 GPa), and magnetic field (0 – 9 T).

Current Students:
  • Chris Maasch, MS
  • Nichelle Worthington, MS