usinha Position:  Department Chair

Office:  P-133
Office Phone:  (619) 594-6240

Director of the Medical Physics program at SDSU



Research Interests:

Dr. Usha Sinha is a medical and imaging physicist specializing in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and informatics. Her areas of interest include development of novel techniques for quantitative imaging including diffusion and relaxivity imaging, creation of quantitative brain and musculoskeletal atlases capturing structure and function, and application of atlases of normal populations to explore subtle differences in diseased conditions. She is presently focused on segmentation of brain tumors and cartilage, characterization of brain tumors for decision support, creation of cartilage atlases with application to early detection of structural changes in osteoarthritis, and white matter brain atlases to explore age related changes and dementia.

 Current Students:
  • Uyen Hoang, Ph.D. (Computational Science)
  • Gene Rayford, MS (Medical Physics)
  • Daniel Zaks, MS (Medical Physics)