Senior Thesis Requirments

All physics majors (B.S.) must complete a senior thesis. This requirement is satsified through Physics 498A & Physics 498B.

Physics 498A-B is a senior level course for physics majors in the B.S. Degree Program. The purpose of the course is to introduce students to, or expand their background in, some area of physics research. Ideally the course would improve the research background of the students for whatever endeavor they pursue after graduation. The research course should introduce the students to an experience which is distinct from their standard lecture courses in physics.

Enrollment Procedure:

At the beginning of the first semester of the course each student should become acquainted with the research being performed by the various members of the faculty.

After consultation with the faculty, it is necessary for students to find a faculty member who is willing to supervise a research project undertaken by the student. An official description of that project is made up and put on file with the Dept. Office. This official description is signed by both the student and the supervising professor.  The student will enroll in Physics 498A their first semester, and enroll in Physics 498B their second semester.    Please note:  You MAY NOT enroll in PHYS 498A & PHYS 498B simultaneously.

Structure of Physics 498A:

Physics 498A is a 1 unit course originally designed to allow the students to build up a background in the area of research chosen. This would include a library and/or web search of relevant literature. The actual procedure to be employed would be facilitated by conferring with the supervising professor. The Physics 498A course is graded CR/NC.

Structure of Physics 498B:

Physics 498B is a 2 unit course in which the students carry out their project and write a thesis, both of which are satisfactory to the supervising professor. The thesis will include an abstract and a formatted title page (see the undergraduate advisor, Professor Richard Morris, for more information). In addition a session will be scheduled near the end of the semester at which each student will give an oral presentation of his or her results in the presence of the other students in 498 as well as all those physics professors that are able to attend the session. The final letter grade in 498B is assigned by the supervising professor.