Former SDSU Department of Physics Graduate Students

Doug Bird, M.S. Quantum Design (San Diego)
Marc Cramer, M.S. Industry (San Diego)
Charlie Granger, M.S. Ph.D (University of Rochester)
Oliver Hammil, Ph.D. (University of Tennessee)
Tom Hisakado, M.S. Ph.D (U.C. Riverside)
Daniel Mickelson, Ph.D. (U.C. Irvine)
Derek Padilla, Ph.D (U.C. Santa Cruz)
Melvin Pascoguin, M.S. SPAWAR (San Diego)
Kyle Rollin, M.S. Northrop Grumman (San Diego)
Franz Rueckert, M.S. Assistant Professor (Wentworth Institute of Technology)
Micah Schuster, M.S. Distinguished Postdoctoral Research Associate (Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Brian Slovick, Ph.D (Southern Florida University)
Matthew Steiger, M.S. Quasar (San Diego)
Cory Stinson, M.S. Cymer (San Diego)
Suzanne Topalian, M.S. Industry (San Diego)
Melinda Toth, M.S. Quantum Design (San Diego)
Roberto Vega, M.S. Morales (Ph.D Northwestern University)
Omair Zubairi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Wentworth Institute of Technology)

Many other alumni from SDSU Physics are not on this list who have moved onward to continue their education and work in the industry. Please contact the department office and provide your updated information so we can add you.