Experimental Condensed Matter

Condensed Matter Physics is demonstrably the area of most intense current activity in physics worldwide. The over 30,000 pages of scientific articles published every year by Physical Review B testify to the tremendous ongoing effort in this field, motivated by its fundamental interest as well as its technological relevance.

Condensed Matter Physics is a broad and diverse field, consisting of a unique blend of Classical and Quantum Mechanics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Chemistry, Quantum Field Theory, Computational and Statistical Physics, as well as Complexity Theory . Because of this fascinating multifacedness, Condensed Matter Physics is intimately connected to many other disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Geology and Materials Science.

The possibility of easily establishing a contact between theory and experimental observation, renders this field ideal to formulate and test the most advanced theories of the fundamental structure of matter.

The Physics Department at San Diego State University has an active experimental Condensed Matter group.  Areas of interest include:

  • Superfluidity,
  • Superconductivity,
  • Magnetism,
  • Electronic Structure of Metals.

For more information, please contact Professor Milton Torikachvili.