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Departmental Assistantships

Students enrolled in the Physics graduate program are eligible to receive financial support in the form of a departmental assistantship. This can be either a Teaching or a Research Assistantship. Both are contingent upon availability.

A Teaching Assistantship consists of a specific teaching assignment for the student, involving one or more of the following:

  • Assisting in and/or teaching undergraduate physics laboratory courses.
  • Grading homework assignments and tests for undergraduate physics courses.
  • Tutoring undergraduate physics students.

Students interested in a Teaching Assistantship are required to complete and submit as soon as possible an application (Download Application: MS Word DocDownload Application: PDF ) to the Department Secretary . For more information about teaching assistantships, please contact the Physics Graduate Advisor

A Research Assistantship involves performing research under the supervision of a physics faculty. Interested students are encouraged to contact directly the appropriate individual faculty for availability.

Financial Packages: As of Fall 2008, the salary for a Teaching/Research Assistant is $15,900 for an academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). Teaching Assistants may be able to earn an additional $2,120 by obtaining a teaching assignment over the Summer, if available. Summer salaries for Research Assistants vary, depending on the group within which the research is carried out.