MS Defense: Omair Zubairi

Defense – Friday 16th April at 1:00pm in P-148 there will be a Masters Thesis Defense presented by Omair Zubairi who will talk about “The Cosmological Constant and the Formation of Compact Stars in the Early Universe”


In this thesis, a stellar structure equation is derived in the framework of general relativity that includes the cosmological constant. Depending on the value of the cosmological constant, stellar properties such as the mass and radius of compact objects may change dramatically. These changes lead to very intriguing results, in which a link between compact star formation and stellar collapse in the early Universe may be established. Additionally, due to the effect that the cosmological constant has on the formation of compact objects, it is possible that stellar collapse in the early Universe may have a connection to gamma ray bursts.

Committee Members:

Dr. Fridolin Weber (Chair, Dept. of Physics),

Dr. Douglas Leanord (Dept. of Astronomy), and

Dr. Peter Blomgren (Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics).



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