News: Grad Student Joshua Staker Goes to Oakridge National Lab for Summer Internship

Grad student Josh Staker who works with Professor Calvin Johnson got an exciting internship at Oakridge National Lab this past summer 2011 where he worked with former SDSU student Dr. Hai Ah Nam on the “Coupled-Cluster Project. ┬áDr. Nam is a former student who also worked with Calvin Johnson while she was here obtaining here Ph.D with the CSRC program.

“This past summer of 2011 I had the privilege of being a professional intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I worked under Dr. Hai Ah Nam on the Coupled-Cluster project, designed to solve the nuclear quantum many-body problem for large nuclei. I focused mainly on parallelizing and optimizing the code designed to generate the harmonic oscillator basis used in the coupled-cluster calculations for use on the massively parallel supercomputer Jaguar (now known as Titan).

During my time in Oak Ridge, I received extensive training on the use of massively parallel systems and parallel architecture design, as well as training in other areas such as: Debugging parallel code, parallel computation profiling, and parallel visualization techniques via the VISIT toolkit.”


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