News: Professor Stephen Roeder wins Monty Award

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Professor Stephen Roeder wins the 2013 SDSU Monty Award.

The San Diego State University Alumni Association recently announced the Awards for Outstanding Faculty Contributions to the university, more commonly known as the Montys.

Professor Steve Roeder has had a distinguished career at San Diego State University since he joined as an Assistant Professor in Physics in 1968. He has the distinction of being a Professor in two departments: Chemistry and Physics. There are few individuals who can claim this unique position.

In way, Steve’s interdisciplinary training and research long preceded the current emphasis on cross disciplinary work and collaborations. He has been called an “Universal Chair”, since he is the only faculty to have held positions as Chair in Chemistry and Physics It speaks to Steve’s commitment that he was selected to be Chair successively in Chemistry and Physics making him a really long standing Chair for nearly 20 years.


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