ppapin Position:  Professor

Office:  P-231
Office Phone:  (619) 594-3299
Email: ppapin@mail.sdsu.edu


Professor Patrick Papin received his B.S. degree in physics from Cleveland State University, M.S. degree in radiological physics from San Diego State University, and Ph.D. in biomedical physics from UCLA. He joined the physics faculty at SDSU in 1985. He has served as Chair of both the Department of Physics and the University Senate. He also has served as associate and interim Dean of the College of Sciences. He is actively involved in the mentoring and advising students in physics, environmental sciences, and homeland security. He has been involved with the Homeland Security Science and Technology Testbed and the Regional Technology Center (RTC) in efforts related to Golden Guardian 2010 and DHS-DNDO West Coast Maritime Preventative Radiological and Nuclear Detection Pilot (PRND).

Research Interests:

Dr. Papin’s work involves both experimental and computer modeling in radiological physics. His research involves the use of positron emitting radionuclides for mammography imaging. Radiation transport modeling work is within the areas of imaging and dosimetry. Also, these transport models predict radiological dose distributions as a result of a nuclear accident or by actions of terrorism.

Currently advising thesis research for Erik Bray and Dennis Seely in the area of positron emission mammography.  Also advising graduate student Anastasiya Irkhin in the area of homeland security.