Science Education grant for Professor Fred Goldberg

Professor Fred Goldberg is a co-PI on a new grant from the National Science Foundation’s Improving Undergraduate Science Education program to establish a faculty online learning community (FOLC) of instructors using the Next Generation Physical Science and Everyday Thinking (Next Gen PET) curriculum.  Next Gen PET had been developed over the previous two years (with grant support from both the National Science Foundation and the Chevron Corporation) and is intended to be used in physics and physical science courses for students studying to become elementary teachers.  The collaborators on the new FOLC grant include Edward Price (CSU San Marcos–PI), Stephen Robinson and Paula Englehardt (Tennessee Technological University), Chandra Turpen (University of Maryland), Melissa Dancy (University of Colorado at Boulder) and Sean Smith (Horizon Research, Inc., Chapel Hill, North Carolina).  The leadership team will establish the FOLC by summer 2017 with fifty faculty members organized in ten clusters and will monitor the FOLC’s activities over a five-year period.  Faculty in each cluster will collaborate on teaching Next Gen PET and studying how their students are learning.  The project will collect evaluation data on both the faculty teaching Next Gen PET and their students, and will conduct research on how the FOLC evolves over time and how it impacts the faculty members and their (mostly physics) departments.  For more information about the Next Gen PET curriculum, see  For more information about the Next Gen PET FOLC, see


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