SDSU Department of Physics Master’s Thesis Defense: Austin Kruisheer

Speaker:  Austin Kruisheer

Title:  “The Rheology and Dynamics of the Jammed State.”

Time:  10-11:30 am, Friday, August 8, 2014

Place:  P-250



The jammed state occurs when the shearing wall of a polymer system is stuck in place and restricted to small scale oscillations.  This state has characteristics unique to itself as well as those that resonate throughout the system.  This thesis aims to explore the dynamics and rheology of the jammed state through the use of a mixed molecular dynamics computational model.  Computational methods are employed to explore the jammed state and uncover the underlying behaviour. Phenomena that are explored include the correlation between the wall and the chain stretch entropy, the self organized criticality of the wall and the layering of the system in both the Y and Z direction.


Committee Members:

Dr. Arlette Baljon (Chair)

Dr. Matt Anderson

Dr. Peter Blomgren


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