SDSU Students Win APS Travel Grant Award


Ph.D Computational Science students William Spinella (left) and Omair Zubairi (right) along with undergrad physics student Alexis Romero were all awarded the APS Division of Astrophysics (DAP) travel grant award for this year’s APS April meeting conference.  The conference is being held in Baltimore, MD from April 11-14th.  All three students work with Professor Fridolin Weber in the physics department in the areas of General Relativity and Numerical Astrophysics.  

William Spinella works on Equation of State models of Neutron Stars.  Omair Zubairi is investigating deformation structure of non-rotating neutron stars.  Alexis Romero is currently studying the gravitational redshift of deformed neutron stars.

The SDSU physics department recognizes these students and congratulates them on the award.  Good job to all!


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