Professor Arlette Baljon

Prof. Baljon’s research has been funded funded by the NSF since 2005. Her most recent NSF grants are:

  • ”Topological Changes In Associative Polymer Networks Due to Mechanical Stress” NSF-DMR (PI) $264 2010-current.
  • “Acquisition of a Computer Cluster for Molecular Sciences” NSF-CHE CRIF_MU (CoPI) $146.50 2010-2012.

In addition to obtaining stipends and travel support from these funds, students working in her group have been successful in receiving money for travel from the college, graduate affairs, CSUPERB, as well as several professional organizations.



Professor Calvin Johnson

Since joining SDSU in 2002, I have brought in $1.5 million in single-investigator grants, primarily from the U.S. Department of Energy. I currently have a 3-year, $270,000 grant from the DOE, “Mean-field and many-body forces in nuclear structure calculations,” which goes to supporting grad students and travel to conferences.

Recent Grants:

  • 2014-2015:  “Computational Methods for Many Body Systems,” DOE grant $90,000
  • 2009-2012: “Computational nuclear structure and fundamental symmetries,” DOE grant $220,000.
  • 2010-2011, “Universal energy density functional,” DOE/SciDAC subcontract, $96,000.
  • 2010-2011, “Development of large-dimensional shell model code,” DOE/Lawrence Livermore subcontract, $64,000.


Professor Lyuba Kuznetsova

Professor Kuznetsova are of research lies with Optics.  Her recent grant is:

  • President’s Leadership Fund Award (SDSU)-“Microfabrication of silicon microcavities for ultrasensitive noninvasive nanoparticles.” detection”


Professor Patrick Papin

Areas of research are related to the risks and threat of radioactive and nuclear materials and devices. He has received various awards from Federal and State Agencies. His most recent funded projects include:

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission. $199,661. (PI) Environmental Radiation Dose Measurement, Modeling, and Communication. April 2012 – September 2014.
  • National Resources Conservation Services $21,092. (Co-PI) U.S. Department of Agriculture, $21,092, Jan 2010-Dec 2011.
  • Department of Homeland Security–Science and Technology Testbed. $465,000. (Co-PI) July 2009-June 2010.
  • Navy (SPAWAR), “Imagery and Radiation Integration into Navy NONCLASS Enclave” . Services Oriented Architecture. $500,000. (Co-PI) May 2009-April 2010.


Professor Mauro Tambasco

Professor Tambasco area of research include Medical Physics.  His most recent grants include:

  • 2014-2015: Principle Investigator, SDSU: University Grants Program. “Preliminary In-Vitro Study of Clotrimazole as an Apoptosis Inducing Radiosensitizer for Breast Cancer Cells,” – $9,972.00.
  • 2010–2014: Principle Investigator, Alberta Cancer Foundation & Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions. “Morphologic Complexity of Epithelial Architecture for Predicting Distant Recurrence in Stage I, Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer,” $248,005.

Description of this grant: To investigate image analysis techniques for their prognostic value in early stage breast cancer patients. The image analysis is done on images breast cancer tissue specimens that has been stained to highlight the relevant pathological structures. We accrued a test and validation set consisting of 590 and 65 breast cancer specimens, respectively.

  • 2008–2010: Principle Investigator, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) ForeFront Block Grant, “Novel Techniques for the Pathological Examination of Cancer Tissue,” $27,250.

Description of this grant: To investigate image analysis techniques for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Preliminary analyses have been performed on images prostate, lung, and head and neck cancer tissues that have been stained to highlight the relevant pathological structures.



Professor Fridolin Weber

Professor Weber research areas are in the fields of General Relativity and Astrophysics.  He has brought numerous grants to support his research interests and his grad students.

Recent Grants:

  • NSF grant for “Astrophysical Studies of Quark Deconfinement”
  • NSF award for research on “Neutron stars as probes for the structure of compressed baryonic matter.”
  • Cottrell College Science Award for research on the Cooling Behavior of Rotating Neutron Stars.
  • NSF award for research on “Neutron Stars as Probes for the Structure of Dense Nuclear Matter.”


Professor Usha Sinha

I have been successful in getting grants from NIH, NSF and FIPSE as well as internal grants from SDSU. I have both research and training grants.  Recent grants include:

Agency: U.S. Department of Education, FIPSE

Title: Professional Science Masters in Medical Physics Partnering for Success.

Amount: $300,000

Period of Award: 6/1/10–5/31/14

Position: Principle Investigator

National Science Foundation

Title: Science Master’s Program Integrating Regulatory Affairs in Bioscience and Biomedical Physics: A Scalable, Replicable Model for Emerging Workforce

Amount: $712,633

Period of Award: 10/01/2009-09/30/2013

Position: Principle Investigator

Agency: UGP, San Diego State University

Title: Automated Voxel-Based Detection of Longitudinal Changes in Femoral Cartilage Morphology in a Population Cohort with Osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Amount: $5,500

Period of Award: 01/01/13-07/01/14

Position: Principle Investigator

Agency: NIH Pilot Grant –U54 UCSD-SDSU Cancer Consortium

Title: 3D MR based gel dosimetry and deformable phantoms for radiation therapy treatment planning.

Amount: $50,000

Period of Award: 07/12-07/13

Position: Principle Investigator

Agency: Presidents Leadership Funds, San Diego State University Title: Initiating Community Collaborations for the Medical Physics Program

Amount: $30,000

Period of Award: 04/01/08-04/01/10

Position: Principle Investigator


Title: A Context sensitive teleconsultation Infrastructure

Amount: $1,992,742

Period of Award: 9/30/2003- 07/1/2009

Position: Principle Investigator.