At SDSU, professor Fred Goldberg directs a physics education group consisting of undergraduate and graduate students, project and research associates, computer and graphics design staff, and public school teachers. Much of the group’s work is done at the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education, located just East of the main campus at 6475 Alvarado Road, Suite 128. The Physics Education Group group is currently involved in developing innovative physics courses for middle school and high school students and for prospective and practicing teachers. All these courses incorporate computer technology in innovative ways to enhance learning. These projects are national in scope and are funded by the National Science Foundation. Professor Goldberg’s graduate students conduct physics education research within the contexts of these projects. Opportunities are available for undergraduates, masters or doctoral students. For additional information, contact Professor Fred Goldberg via email at:

Science Teaching Programs:

Subject Matter Preparation Programs: Physics, Chemistry and Foundational Level General Science The single subject preparation programs described below are designed for students who intend to teach at the middle school or high school level. They were officially approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing in March 2008. Students who complete the full program, including a satisfactory assessment, do not have to pass the CSET; all other students must verify subject matter competency by passing the CSET. For more information, visit the Science Teaching Programs website or contact Dr. Phoebe Roeder via email: