History of the SDSU Physics Department 

Retro photo of 27 gentleman out on lawn in front of Hepner Hall.
Retro photo taken by Vernon Heger circa 1940s. Photo of 27 gentleman out on lawn in front of Hepner Hall, SDSU

From 1899-1900 the “Psychology, History of Education and Physics Department” was chaired by Jesse D. Burks. J. F. West presided over the “Math and Physics Department” from 1900-1905. W. T. Skilling from 1905-1921 with various department names of: “Chemistry, Geography and Physics”; “Physical Science”; and “Agriculture and Nature Study”.

In 1921 the department name became “Physics”. From 1921 to 1947 the chair was O. W. Baird. Since then other chairs have included Chesney R. Moe from 1948-1950, 1954-1957, and 1963-1966, with Lewis E. Smith from 1950-1954. Lester L. Skolil served from 1957-1960 and John G. Teasdale from 1960-1963. Jack Garrison served from 1966-1969 and Jacques Templin from 1969-1976. Stephen B. W. Roeder had two terms, 1976-1979 and 1992-1995. Lowell Burnett served from 1979-1988, and Roger Lilly from 1988-1992 and again from 1995-2001.

Since then, Patrick Papin 2001-2005, Saul Oseroff 2005-2007 and Usha Sinha 2007-currently.